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Attack of the Konami game hacks with Castlevania Blood Moon and Super Contra 7

October 14, 2015

What is the point in making a game hack? Well some do it for fun, while others just want to make a whole new game experience. Chance are you likely played on these oddball games at least once in your life, and they are never made by the original company. Usually they serve a special purpose for the fans out there.

That being a way to "extend" the experience of playing their favorite game in some form or another. While these are not endorsed or even like by the official company such as Konami, they do need some closer attention for those who don't know about them.

First on the list is Castlevania - Blood Moon. From the pic below is looks like a spin off title that made heavy use of the first game in the series. You can easily tell by some of the game's elements that graphics were reused or modified in some manner to produce a whole new game.

The game was developed....or rather remade by a group called RedRum, and there is even a special NES cart label to look like an authentic game. Here is a bit of run down along with a video review performed by Mike Matei.....a friend of the Angry Video Game Nerd popular on YouTube.


Next up on the list is Super Contra 7. Sounds like a Super Nintendo game right? It's back to 8-bit land again with a NES hack of either the original Contra or Super C. Developed or rather hacked by E.S.C. Co., "Super Fighting Spirit" as it is also called you have 5 areas to battle your way through, with 4 lives and 6 continues to back you up.

The enemies seem to be similar to your standard Contra enemy lineup, but move a bit slower and speed up as the get closer to you. The controls are pretty much the same with only minor differences, and the game wack hacked again later on to produce a part 8. A hack of a hack right? These bootleg carts can go either way with you...and be condoned....or snubbed.

Take a look below and decide for yourself.

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