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Attack of the Super Mario Bros. 3 clones with Tiny Toons Adventures

May 20, 2015

Ahh, the lovable Warner Bros. (executive Steven Spielberg ) and their funny cartoons. Growing up one of my favorite shows was Bugs Bunny, and for good reason too. The kind of slapstick comedy you saw in the old cartoon shows never takes place today like it used to. All of your favorite characters like Elmer Fudd, Foghorn Leghorn, and Sylvester the cat took laughing to a whole new level.

So where did the series go? Part of the reason is due to political correctness and well,.....there seems to be a concern that kids today will see the wild coyote get hurt trying to catch the road runner and end up getting hurt themselves.

So out of what seems to be born a necessity for today's era of children came an alternative in the form of Tiny Toons. Indeed, the Tiny Toons were a somewhat "kid friendly" version of the classics, with a more mother approved theme.

The series was so popular that it even spawned a Nintendo game by Konami. After playing it for a while you realize something seems awfully familiar about the way it looks and feels.

Yeah, memories of Super Mario Bros. 3 raises an eyebrow, and seems to be something of a catalyst for Tiny Toons Adventures. After the huge success that SMB games sparked over the years, it seemed the right thing to do. At least at the time.

You start out controlling Buster Bunny, who is on a quest to rescue the kidnapped Babs Bunny, who is being held by Montana Max. You can change out characters along the way if you find a star ball which includes other names like Dizzy Devil, Plucky Duck, and Furball.

Several worlds await you including areas like wetlands, hills, forests, downtown, and even wacky land. Sounds about right for the toons. The purpose of all the carrot collecting is to purchase extra lives, which Hamton will sell you.

Duck Vader (a parody of Darth Vader) makes a brief appearance in the game as a boss if you manage to have the number of carrots in your possession by a factor of 11. This is also the first Tiny Toons game to be released for any platform, which includes both the NES and Sega Megadrive system.

I recommend trying this one the first chance you get, even if you aren't a fan of the show, you're in for a bit of fun with this title.

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