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Aurore gets Metal Gear cosplay done right with both beauty and weapons

October 24, 2014

Solid Snake and Raiden have probably gotten the lion's share of cosplay photo shoots, but what about Quiet? No, not as in you need to be quiet, .....Quiet as in the character from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Oh yea, the mute lady that needs not say a word, as her beauty and deadly accuracy with a weapon usually speak for itself. The E3 trailer that surfaced last year showed a bit of her and what she looks like. She's also the one being tortured in one scene, which was disturbing for some viewers.

Aurore is the lady performing these cosplay photos below, and you guys out there are going to bulge your eyes when you see some of these puppies. Aurore has done quite a number of cosplay shots for different games and whatnot, but this is some of her latest handy work and she's likely outdone herself this time.

Recently she had a contest on her Facebook page, and the lucky winner received a full size print of top photo you see here. Courtesy of Paul Beard photography. Great job!

Aurore Facebook

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