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Awesome flyers for arcade games you grew up with

January 31, 2015

Those of you who grew up back in the 80s and early 90s will remember the golden years of Konami games. A time when you had mostly titles that dominated the market and yet didn't require a number of dollar bills and even a credit card just to play a round or two. While those times have come and gone, the memory remains the same, and for that a memory of arts and drawings to go with it. In the form of Arcade flyers that is. I've outlined a few personal picks that many of you probably never knew about. The games should definitely ring a bell, but did you know what the flyers even looked like? Here is a quick heads up.

This one had it all. Curves, good looks, and a just plain huge desire to have one in your house. Not to mention the arcade cabinet looks kind of nice too. OK bad joke, but as for this Contra flyer, you can see the 80s effect and artistry shining through here. If you never played the arcade version then you've missed out on a great run and gun shooter title. Also known as "Gryzor" in Spain and Australia.

The side scrolling shooter game that took the world by storm with its awesome soundtrack and use of both side scrolling and overhead stages. Life Force which is also known as Salamander was a chip off the old "Gradius" block with its well known power-up system and the ability to add extra "option" ships to your arsenal. Yet another great flyer to boot.

Remember this great game? Throw your cowboy hat in the air if you do, and get a load of yet another awesome looking arcade flyer that many never knew about. The ability to have up to 4 players at once was another nice addition to a game worth taking a second look at. Sunset Riders took a new spin on Konami gaming with this one.

Who could ever forget The Uncanny X-Men? Wolverine, Cyclops, Collossus, Storm and even Night Crawler are all here in a game that had a killer jamming soundtrack and sound effects to boot. Up to 6 players at once made this game a night out at the arcade, along with a great flyer to represent the magic behind it.

We can't leave out the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles now can we? Never. Konami struck gold when they launched TMNT the arcade game with a 4 player setup and another game music soundtrack that had you screaming turtle power! To this day Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Splinter, and even the reporter April still have an impact in both the TV cartoon show and multiple movies in their wake.

Yes, I did NOT intend on leaving out this one. Looks more cheesy than a block of Velveeta doesn't it? Haunted Castle is said to be somewhat of a "Castlevania" arcade game. It certainly is some sort of spin off title from it or clearly outright based on it. This has to be my favorite flyer ever, and I'm left with a burning question in my mind. How much did they pay that guy to dress up like Dracula and pose for this shot?

Yes, that's what The Simpsons Arcade flyer looks like, so don't have a cow man! The best part about actually watching the famous long running TV show is that when this launched, you can now play the characters themselves. Thank you Konami for making our wishes come true. The only thing missing is donuts. MMMmmmmm......donuts.

If you like what you see here, then you're going to love the official Arcade Flyer Museum, where you can find pretty much every single flyer ever made for any game you can think of. I know you have a few on your mind, so be sure to check it out today and hunt down your favorite game.

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