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Axelay is a great shooter game that needs a sequel

January 25, 2015

Going back to the good old days of Super Nintendo madness, I for one can remember a shooter game that needs a second wind. Axelay took the best of the best in mode 7 hardware effects, and gave Konami fans a little something different than your standard side scrolling game like Gradius. Although boasting levels of both side scrolling and overhead views similar to Lifeforce (also known as Salamander), Axelay played a different role in the weapons department.

Instead of the usual accumulation of weapons from destroying enemies, you earn better and different weapons after completing each stage. Weapons consisted of 3 different types, a standard, special, and a bomb type were among them.

Another primary aspect of the game was the incredible use of the mode 7 hardware effects and parallax scrolling. That combined with the use of a fantastic game soundtrack made this particular shooter game into one of the most popular titles ever to grace the SNES console. While you can still whip out the cart if you own it, Konami did make the game available on the Wii Virtual Console back in 2007 and 2008.

Thankfully if you live in the European part of the world and own a Wii-U system, you can now grab a copy of Axelay which was recently launched during the middle of January. Sounds like a winner, and I am glad to see such a great game brought back to life. Check out some game play and bring back some childhood memories.

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