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Beat Gather plays your favorite songs on your mobile device

October 29, 2014

Konami games development doesn't just stop at arcade, consoles, and hand held systems. Game music is something Konami is widely known for, just look at Dance Dance Revolution. Beat Gather for your iPhone is a cool new music game that features a "free to play" experience, as you can use the movement of your fingers in accordance to the rhythm of the song you want to hear and compete with.

Did I say compete? Sure I did, as you can also use Beat Gather to compete with your Facebook friends to see who can land the highest score of all. And how about being compatible with all of the content of your iTunes library. Beat Gather compiles your song into YUBIFU notes. If your not satisfied with the YUBIFU, you can also edit them yourself and make your own notes, and even share them with others in the process.

The cost?, how about nothing. You can now download Beat Gather from the US App store free for you to enjoy. Free is good right? You can find out even more about Beat Gather at the Apple store.

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