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Beautiful vampire cosplay girls get a second glance

October 9, 2014

It seems as technology improves, and video game characters look more and more realistic, game companies just can't help but throw at least one or two great looking females in the mix. Such is the case with Lords of Shadow 2. Larxenne is her name, and playing Carmilla is her game. This is one of the most searched characters in the Castlevania series, as she is both beauty and the beast. I say if you're going to be a sexy cosplay girl, you might as well have a well made costume to go with it of course.

Below you can see some of her best work for her Carmilla cosplay act. But there is more where that came from, including her Facebook page if you want to check that out as well. Let's start with the first one where you will find more photos for this at GeekXGirls. It also doesn't stop there for Larxenne of course, as on her FB page you will find updates on a regular basis of her other performances. You better keep an eye on this lovely lady, she just might surprise you.

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