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Behold, as a Nintendo 64 transforms into a hand held system

October 9, 2014

Remember the Nintendo 64? Some of you do, while perhaps a few of you were maybe just a bit too young. It was basically the last "cart based" console to ever grace the world. While other systems were slimming down and becoming more compact, the N64 was basically still looking like the size of a concrete block!

For those of you who bought one, I don't have to tell you how big the sucker was, and how it also struggled to hold its own against Sony's Playstation 1 system. That's the easy part, and now for the hard part.

Can you imagine, someone being able to take a N64 apart, piece by piece, and not only reassemble it downsized to a hand held system, but be able to integrate both a screen and a controller to boot?

Yeah, that one is hard to imagine, but guess what?, it was done. Indeed, someone has actually acquired the skill, patience, and devotion to literally transform Nintendo's well known large system into something you can actually carry around with you.

Want to see it all in action? No problem, as there are about 15 pictures showing step by step how it was done. Prepare to be shocked out of your mind, as the photos below are only the tip of the ice.

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