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Bizarre foods based on the famous Silent Hill series

October 28, 2014

Even if you love the Silent Hill series, chances are you might not like ramen noodles based on it. Or you could be the kind of person that loves this sort of thing. Whether you think this is disgusting or not, let's prepare a barf bag and take a good look at some noodles served in a Tokyo restaurant called Hajime. First of all, hats off to the fellow that made this possible, and at the same time thoughts are racing through my head as to who in the world would order and eat it? Me......that's who.....but seriously.

The answer might surprise you, as some were eager to try it out. As you can see in the gruesome photos below, perhaps the noodles are made to represent brains?, or maybe intestines. No broth here, just oil and some inky gooey type mess likely designed to give them that sort of appearance.

Sitting on top of the noodle nightmare, is an odd looking tomato, perhaps designed to give a bloody appearance to customers. That's not where it ends though. Tear it open, and a meaty mess runs out of it, giving the sensation of guts maybe? The chef says that this is enough food and will fill your stomach up. Some might say the contrary, that it will empty it just by staring at it. So tell me, are you still with me, or have you left the page yet? OK, let's continue shall we?

If you happen to be in the Tokyo area, and want to see if you can chow down on this sort of thing, you can order some Silent Hill ramen noodles for yourself at the address below. As for me, I think I will order a salad after looking at some of these photos. Of course, minus any tomatoes if I can help it.  Want to look at them in 3D?, no problem. You can download the 3D photos from the source page article link here.


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