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Blades of Steel gets a second look at this classic gem

October 9, 2014

Classic video games serve one of two purposes. First they bring a tear to your eye as you remember your childhood. Wanting ever so badly to relive those days gone by. The second one is a bit harder, as it also makes you feel like your getting old. Well brush aside those grey hairs on top of your head, because here we go again with Blades of Steel.

In the days when Nintendo was the dominant console of choice, next to the less popular Sega Master System, Blades of Steel was also the dominate hockey game for its age. You don't exactly have to be the biggest hockey fan in the world to appreciate it either.

The teams were somewhat made up, but did relate to teams from Canada and the American cities at the same time. BOS too, also served as a catalyst advertising platform for other Konami games like Gradius, as during an intermission you would play a mini game where you battle a well known boss from the series.

This of course isn't the first time they use their games to showcase other games. Legend of the Mystical Ninja (Ganbare Goemon) 1 and 2 did the same with both Gradius and the lesser known Xexex, which by the way was far superior in terms of play and graphics. Oh, did I mention you can punch each other in the face? We can't have hockey without that now can we?

For you hockey fans in general out there, you're likely a reader of HockeyWilderness, who recently gave praise to Blades of Steel for their latest "Game of the Week" segment. Which is why I'm doing this post as something of extension to a great classic video game. This isn't just all about the new releases, as we pay great homage to the ones we also grew up with. We lose sight of ourselves if we ever do otherwise. Let's take a trip down memory lane, at least one more time.


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