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Bomberman is back as a full on Smartphone title

November 16, 2014


After Konami had purchased Hudson Soft over 2 years ago people have been wondering what would become of the future games that were produced under the label. There were a number of titles that had sparked our interest during our younger years and we truly wanted to see them make a comeback. Bomberman was certainly no exception to the rule, as a game that was rock solid for its game play, fun, and overall challenge for the fans. So what happens next?

Well thankfully good games always die hard, and Bomberman has made a return on at least a couple of formats in the mobile game market. The Smartphone and iOS devices for starters. Japan is currently getting all the glory, and no word as of yet if the new title will reach the shores of other parts of the world.

While Bomberman Smartphone doesn't have a story mode, it does have a competitive mode where you can go against the CPU, and a multi-player mode that allows you to go against four players by way of Blue Tooth or Wi-Fi connection. There is also a coliseum mode that pits you against multiple CPU players in a time attack mode, where you can also have the chance to unlock new bosses. Check your Android store to pick up a copy of it now, or you can also download it for your iOS device as well.

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