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Born on the Bayou, and the transition from movies to games

May 4, 2015

Konami is no stranger when it comes to watching movies. Metal Gear director Hideo Kojima himself has a love affair for films like Blade Runner, Terminator, and even a Van Damme movie or two. If you've ever played one of his games, then you know what I mean. You can literally play them, and eat popcorn at the same time.

If you think that is weird, you haven't seen anything yet. Another post I made a while back shows at least four examples of Konami games taking after films and actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford, and even Mel Gibson.

Remember the Terminator movie from 1984? The main protagonist and father of John Conner was Kyle Reese. Now take a look at the side by side comparison below. Yeah! I know right?! The EXACT same thing. Down to the very last detail!

See here for more examples of what I'm talking about, and you will know for sure that this is not just some random coincidence my friend. Lethal Weapon, check, Predator, double check........and well, you get the picture by now I'm sure.

Now for yet another reference that I left out. Paul Hogan, the actor who played Crocodile Dundee. The target this time is none other than a forgotten title that a lot of folks never knew about......Bayou Billy. Indeed, remember how freaking hard the game was?

The story is similar to the second Crocodile Dundee movie as far as the story goes, where the main character himself is chasing down an evil organization that kidnapped his girlfriend, which sends Billy out to the rescue to both retrieve her and bring down those responsible. The bad guy in the 2nd Dundee movie was also a crime boss, just like in the game, in which Dundee's girl also gets kidnapped.

Famicom Cart

The soundtrack itself like many Konami games was pretty darn good, although get prepared to get your butt kicked more than once. It seems to take an awful lot to kill an enemy, but not so with your own character. You have the ability to play through shooting and driving stages, both of which will make use of those cat like reflexes of yours, and may even provide a headache or two.

So where does Bayou Billy take place? Try New Orleans,.......yeah. An outback for an outback, except this time in the swamps of Louisiana, while on your way to the famous Bourbon Street. Time for a nip and tuck and a really stiff drink to wash it down.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, there actually was a Bayou Billy comic book. Try a few of them in fact. Want to see another one? I thought so.

Have you had enough? If not, then guess what? It gets even better! Oh yes, remember the Captain N - The Game Master cartoon that aired on Saturday mornings? Some of you do, and some were much too young to know or care. Well anyway, our favorite swamp loving hero makes a debut in there too. I kid you not crocodile fans.

That's one heck of a five o'clock shadow, even for a cartoon character.

Oh, and it gets even better! If that wasn't enough to make you scratch your head while asking yourself, WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL!? Then maybe this will.

Yes, there is a real life Bayou Billy, but surely he can't have any affiliation with the game. No way. I won't accept that. Then again stranger things have happened. Maybe he got the idea from the game, maybe not. This has to be just a coincidence right? If not then I hope Konami is OK with this sort of thing. After all, he has his own brand of products and drinks.

Wait a don't think that maybe Konami used this guy as a reference for the game itself do you? Or maybe it was the other way around. You'll just have to decide that one for yourself. See here for something to smile about. I'm all about the hot sauce myself. Got to put some zing in your chili.

So what would top off all of this over a game that many considered to be very difficult, and yet satisfying in a weird way? Well, you can't let the world know about something, unless you have a commercial. One that is fitting for all the crazy side effects and products that benefited from it right? Right.

So let's put ourselves out of our misery by ending this article on a funny note. That is, a funny commercial, and a long play video that reveals why you need to add this game to your bucket list, and play it at least once before the world ends. Both Japanese and American commercials included. Be sure to sample the soundtrack while you're at it.

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