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Both Contra and Gradius could need a complete reboot

October 29, 2014

One thing I've noticed that hasn't happened in too many years, is the lack of a mainstream Gradius or Contra game. Now I say "mainstream" because I realize we just had Hard Corps Uprising released on PSN and Xbox Live recently, and Gradius Rebirth on WiiWare a few years ago. Hard Corps Uprising being a prequel to Contra Hard Corps of course.

What I would like to see is a full on title come out for both of them. Gradius seriously needs another in the series, like a follow up of some sort to Gradius V which was released almost a decade ago. Since then we've had a handful of smaller and lesser titles such as the Gradius collection for the PSP, and even a Pachislot game that was out in 2011. With current hardware, especially with the Playstation 4 looming in the horizon, think about how graphically superior a new one would be.

Contra is probably an even bigger let down. In 2011 Konami decided to do another one of their famous tease sessions, and introduced to us "Contra Reboot". What you see below is all that was known about it, only a flaming "C" and nothing more.

Since that time there has been *some* talk about Mercury Steam actually taking on the idea of doing a Contra Reboot title, but so far the fire behind that discussion has seemed to fizzle out. Last year also marks the 25th anniversary of the Contra series (happy birthday!) and I should hope we can look forward to another 25 years. The question is, what will either a Gradius or Contra game look like on next generation consoles.

Below are videos of Contra Rebirth and Gradius Rebirth, two titles that were given a complete overhaul of the original hit that rocked our world back in the mid to late 80's. But is this a taste of things to come?, or do both series need to make a quantum leap and evolve like other games tend to do? You the fans, always know best.

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