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Boy Meets Dreamcast, waiting for a star to fall with Daniel Price

June 29, 2016

This hit me sideways when I first saw it, but then like many of you who love Sega and all that they've given us over the years, the Dreamcast is a name that will resonate in your minds for a long time to come. Why is that? Simply because the fact that it was such an AWESOME console.

Complete with the first VMU (visual memory unit), light gun, fishing rod, and even a keyboard. Yes, even that, and was compatible with a version of Windows, as well as being able to go online and surf the Internet. The Sega Dreamcast had it all,....except the longevity that is supposed to come with a good system.

In 1999, Sega had unveiled to the world their new console, and it was set to give both Sony and Nintendo a run for their money. Especially when it came to cutting edge graphics and sound. While Sony was currently dominating the market with their beloved Playstation, Sega fans had an ace up their sleeve with the Dreamcast system, or so they thought.

The system that derived from NAOMI arcade based hardware would soon be looking at an early tombstone.

The introduction of the Playstation 2 and the rally cry from PS1 fans who came flocking to the new PS2 became too much for Sega to compete in an already saturated market. Sega had already poured heart and soul into the Saturn, and the DC was their last attempt desperation move to try and win gamers over once again as was did in the years of Genesis / MegaDrive.

While the ill-fated Dreamcast was marching toward its tombstone, there was a strong dedication from both die hard Sega fans, and general Dreamcast fans alike to keep the spirit of the system alive and well.

So far so good with that effort, as even to this day there are still plans for (non-official) developers to make games, as well as a continued trickle of new titles that have already released long after the DC was officially declared dead by Sega themselves.

One fan seems to have a love affair with the beloved console itself, and deemed it necessary to put together a short film (or is it a music video?) that shows his personal affection for his Dreamcast system. Talk about dedication, and for that we thank you and all those to continue to show support for one of the greatest game systems to ever grace our living rooms.

Waiting for a Star (The Last Word - Strength to Dream)

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