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Casino Pachislot machines that are based on Konami games

April 28, 2015

You take one look at them, and then an eyebrow raises. What in the world?! A slot machine based on games by Konami? Since when did console gaming leak into the gambling market? Since a few years ago is the answer. Konami has had a huge stake in the casino market for some time now, introducing their SYNKROS casino management system a few years back, along with quite a number of slot machines to boot.

Indeed, the next time you slide a 20 dollar bill into one of those suckers, look around and you just might see the almighty Konami logo stuck to one of them.

That having been said, put your coffee or tea down because at least two of those are based on well known games you grew up with. One being Castlevania, and another based on what is considered the greatest RPG game ever made, Suikoden.

The fourth installment to be exact, which was considered to be the least popular in the series, but nevertheless after watching a trailer of it you might just be turned on into wanting one in your own living room. Beware however, as some of these machines do fetch a hefty price tag, especially if they are either rare, or somewhat popular, as I imagine these two gems are.

First things first, most of you have likely never even seen these two in action, so while you may never see one or play one, you can at least drool over the prospect of having one yourself.

Take a look at the two trailers, and if you want you can also take advantage of some mp3 downloads for the soundtrack to the Akumajou Dracula Pachislot below. 11 tracks in all, and the nice part about it is the fact that veteran Castlevania fans will certainly recognize at least a few of them, all in their rock and roll glory.

They sound just as creepy and awesome no matter what instruments are being used it seems. As for the Suikoden IV machine, the cinema sequence is something to behold as well.

Akumajou (Castlevania) Dracula Pachislot Soundtrack

1.) After-Confession.MP3

2.) Bloody-Tears.MP3

3.) Aquarius-Ver.972.MP3

4.) Crimson-Blood.MP3

5.) Cross-Your-Heart.MP3

6.) Divine-Bloodlines.MP3

7.) Iron-Blue-Intention.MP3

8.) Lupta-Sortii.MP3

9.) Ruined-Castle-Cooridor.MP3

10.) Usa-De-Nedeschis.MP3

11.) Vampire-Killer.MP3

Are you looking for a particular game soundtrack? Need help finding that special song you were looking for, but just can't seem to find it. There are a number of resources that come to mind, and I do try to help those in need so leave your comment below if you need help finding a particular mp3 song for your favorite game.

Just make sure it's a Konami game, as that is my forte.

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