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Castlevania 3 gives your Nintendo a good whipping

October 9, 2014

It's all about the games isn't it?, and not just the new ones. This yet another time for gamers like me to take a step back in time to relive old experiences, and for newcomers to experience old games for the first time. The classic hit Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse has just landed on the Nintendo Wii-U and 3DS Virtual Console ready for download.

The main character Trevor Belmont, who is the forefather of Simon Belmont is this time accompanied by extra characters you can bring along to help in your quest.

Among these are Grant, a knife wielding guy that can pretty much cling to any surface to get to tight places, Sypha Belnades, (also known as Cipher Fernandez or Cipher Vernades) a female with ice powers, and last but not least, the first introduction to Alucard. A half vampire - half human with a vengeance toward his father Lord Dracula. Dracula's Curse was also somewhat born out of a necessity to bring the series back into a more desired light.

After the first success of the original title, Simon's Quest left a number of players wanting more of what put the first one on the map. Konami responded with this one to please the fans, and did quite a good job in the process. The Nintendo eShop currently has it listed for a price of $4.99.

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