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Castlevania character cosplay part 1 - Maria Renard

March 21, 2015

People just love to dress up as their favorite movie or game characters, and the Castlevania realm is certainly no exception to the rule as we kick off part 1 of our 5 week cosplay series. This time starting with a few personal favorite picks of Maria Renard. That's right, these beautiful women stop at nothing to look like the character you may or may not know from a time when you were either too young, or weren't yet born at all.

While the rest remember her quite well if you move in Castlevania circles. Maria Renard first made her debut in the hit PC Engine game "Rondo of Blood", where the main protagonist was Richter Belmont who set out on a mission to rid the world of Lord Dracula, as is always the case every 100 years.

At a very young age, she and her family have blood ties to the house of Belmont, and after being rescued by Richter, she becomes a playable character. Her powers include the ability to summon animal creatures as a familiar, while also controlling the four Celestial Beasts.

During the story of Symphony of the Night, Maria makes yet more appearances in the wake of Alucard, Dracula's son who has turned against his father and seeks to destroy both him and the castle he dwells in.

While the Playstation version of SOTN doesn't allow you to use Maria as a playable character, you can use her in the Saturn version oddly enough. She also makes a debut as a fighter character in Castlevania Judgment, a one on one versus game and quite the first of its kind released on the Nintendo Wii console.

Maria Renard is one of those characters not to ever be forgotten in the Castlevania timeline. Her role is too important, and well, her beauty and abilities are quite something to be reckoned with. These photos below are some personal picks from around the web. Some from the halls of Deviantart, and some from other sites from the fans who just can't get enough of their favorite vampire hunting series, so why not dress up like it? Some eye candy be behold.

Castlevania - Judgment




Symphony of the Night




Rondo of Blood



Too bad there aren't more of Maria as the young version from Rondo of Blood, but then again that isn't quite as mainstream as SOTN or Judgment, since it was never released in the Western world, except as "Dracula X Chronicles" on the Playstation Portable (PSP) hand held system. In any case, hats off to these lovely ladies for their contribution to the world of Castlevania, and may they continue to inspired us with their talents! For more information on the character Maria, you can also visit the Wikia page.

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