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Castlevania character cosplay part 4 - Simon Belmont

April 5, 2015

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Another lovely performance from these huge fans, as we kick off round 4 for Castlevania character cosplay. This time on the front is the number one recognized vampire hunter himself, Simon Belmont. You can never get enough of these, and for good reason too, as these fans stop at nothing to look like the man behind the whip from the first, second, and fourth Castlevania games, not to mention Judgment and Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate.

Since the days of old, the House of Belmont has spawned hero after hero, all containing the almighty bloodline necessary for the power to defeat Lord Dracula after his resurrection every 100 years.

Born in the 17th century, around 1669, Simon is the most notable of all the Belmont clan, making the most appearances in some of the best Castlevania games, which also includes Harmony of Despair which was released in 2011 for Xbox Live and the Playstation Network.

It was also this day on Easter Sunday, 100 years after Dracula was defeated by Christopher Belmont that a 22 year old Simon Belmont would prove his legacy and ability to live up to his ancestors by destroying Dracula once more.

After the events in the original Castlevania, 7 years later in the sequel "Simon's Quest", he would discover that Dracula had placed a curse on him that was affecting his body, and would eventually kill him. Fearing the worst, Simon was preparing for the worst, when one day a mysterious woman appeared before him and told him of a way to rid himself of the curse by collecting all of Dracula's remains, and then burning them on an alter within his castle.

But she also mentioned that even this might not defeat him completely.

Simon took to heart this quest, and set out to collect Dracula's nail, heart, rib bone, eyeball, and ring (a ring is a body part?) and vanquish him for good. At least for another 100 years that is in perspective of the Castlevania timeline. Simon's Quest was a bit controversial, in that it introduced the night and day feature.

You know, the one that goes "The morning sun has vanquished the horrible night", and "What a horrible night to have a curse". It proved to be somewhat of an annoyance to some fans, who were expecting a sequel to the original hit to be more like it. Konami responded with a followup, which actually starred Trevor Belmont as the main protagonist, and took place before the events of the first game.

On a side note, for those of you who finished Castlevania 2, but didn't get the good ending, here is a video that depicts all three of them. It all depended on how long it took you to finish the game. The longer it took, the more Dracula's curse would set into Simon's body, and thus claiming his life. Now on to the meat and potatoes concerning you, the fan, and your devotions and contributions to the greatest vampire hunter who ever lived.








That about wraps up this session of Castlevania cosplay. Since we've entered the realm of the Belmont clan, it's only fair to keep plugging away at it. The next article of course will be Richter Belmont, along with a bit of background from his timeline.

That of course, will involve both Rondo of Blood, and Symphony of the Night. If you have any cosplay acts or works of art you would like to share with the rest of the world, no problem. Simply leave your information and a website or blog if you have one in the comment section below. Try also to include some statements about your work, and anything you would like to make known about yourself along with it.

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