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Castlevania character cosplay part 5 - Richter Belmont

April 8, 2015

Richter Belmont, you probably know the name best by playing the granddaddy of all Castlevania games, Symphony of the Night. Also known as Nocturne in the Moonlight on the Sega Saturn, Richter made his debut at the very beginning with his famous quote "Die monster, you don't belong in this world".

That was actually the last scene that originated from Rondo of Blood for the PC-Engine CD system produced by NEC where Richter made his first appearance. Konami would also move on to create a rather slightly off the track version called Dracula-X (Vampire's Kiss) that Super Nintendo owners were familiar with.

Richter himself is an ancestor of Simon Belmont, and quite the menace to Dracula and his followers. The evil that brought him back was the sacrifice of a young female virgin in which Lord Dracula also commanded the kidnapping of his girlfriend Annette, along with villagers Maria Renard, Iris, and Tera. If you can manage to get your hands on a copy of Rondo of Blood, by all means do so. You won't regret it.

Castlevania Meme

The famous vampire hunter also got himself into a delusional mess by servant Shaft, who put a spell over him that caused him to betray the villagers and resurrect Dracula. Dhamphir (also spelled dhampyre or dhamphir) and son of Dracula Alucard would come to his rescue, and discover that Richter's excuse was to give glory to the line of Belmonts.

"Dracula rises once a century. One chance for each Belmont to shine, and then we're finished, forgotten. If I bring him back now, the battle can last for eternity!"

Another famous quote from SOTN, and with the help of Maria would break his curse with the aid of the X-Ray Glasses.

As for these fine folks, they too show their love and support for one of the greatest vampire hunters to ever stalk the halls of Castlevania's castles. So much so that some have even gone so far as to make their own outfits from scratch. Richter is known for his blue outfit, as each Belmont is dressed different than the last one before them.

A special thanks to each of these who contributed their work to places like DeviantArt.






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