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Castlevania concept art straight from the hearts of fans

October 28, 2014

They're back, in good old Castlevania style my friends. There are so many of them and they seem endless in number. Even Castlevania wallpaper for your desktop is something that seems to have taken off over the years. Why is that?, because Castlevania besides all of the wonderful music is has brought us over the years, has also brought an incredible amount of artwork to boot.

After scanning around the Internet looking for a couple of sites that boast some of these gems, I thought I would bring them to your attention if you want something nice to drool over.

A huge special thanks to the artists who took their time to create these fine works of without them we wouldn't have anything to look at now would we?

 I must say, hearing Alucard's voice from the entire game in one instance is a bit illuminating. Makes me yearn for a direct sequel to SOTN. So take a look below at a few game and movie concept art made by some fans and you just might be blood thirsty for more.



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