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Castlevania, Contra, and Gradius games to add to your wish list

June 6, 2015

They don't make them like they used to right? I'm talking of course about the types of classic Castlevania and Contra games we grew up with. Over the years we've watched the traditional side scrolling vampire slaying and run and gun destruction that put those two much wanted titles on the map. So what happened folks?

Technology happened, and as a result things change rather than stay the same. A new generation of gamers come on board, and the market starts to shift to accommodate them. While it seems producers tend to decide for themselves what the rest of us want, we are busy trying to show them how wrong they are.

It happened with former Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi, as he is now doing his own thing, and making his own creation in the realm of "gothic style" games. Yeah, go ahead and follow that link in case you didn't know about it. It's Castlevania, even though it's not called it. But still, there are some lingering titles floating about that will bring you back to the past in a way you've been missing for so long.

Four of them to boot, and if you don't own a Nintendo Wii yet, you just might after getting a load of these gems. WiiWare by itself is now more than enough excuse to do so. Time to hit maximum overdrive and switch into Rebirth mode thanks to the M2 development team.

Castlevania - The Adventure Rebirth

The first thing that comes to mind when playing this puppy, is a feeling and look of "Bloodlines", from the good old days of Sega Genesis / MegaDrive. Well, your not far off in those terms, but this gem takes place a century before the world of vampire killing knew who Simon Belmont was. Before the original title.

His ancestor Christopher Belmont is the protagonist, and the game itself is based on the Gameboy version. The game received high praises among critics, and Konami themselves were praised for its publish and release in spite of launching Lords of Shadow during that time. This is Castlevania at some of its finest, and the world could use another one or two.

Contra Rebirth

Another shining example of why Contra needs a second wind. Rebirth takes the classic style run and gun action, and gives you that retro feeling that's been gone from the game market for too long. If Hard Corps and The Alien Wars had a child, this would probably be it.

Great work from the M2 development team, they are spot on when it comes to retro games.

Fun Fact - Nintendo Power nominated this title with "Game of the Year" award, as well as "Best WiiWare Game" and "Best Action Game". Three more reasons to add this to your wish list.

Gradius Rebirth

If Gradius Rebirth looks like a combination of previous games, that's because it is. It's actual main basis is the Nemesis titles for the MSX Japanese computer system. The design, overall look, and feel of the entire game has been hailed as a mixture of other Gradius games. Even the music itself was somewhat of a remix of the original hit game soundtrack. Throw another Rebirth on the grill, and make this one your own soon.

So where does the industry go from here? Are these not a shining example of why fans like you and I still want this kind of game? Sure, Konami decided to opt out of making all three of these, and let developer M2 take charge while they simply publish it.

If the current load Konami is facing with all the irons in the fire they have going on, then outsourcing beloved franchises like Castlevania, Contra, and Gradius might be a solution. Just make sure they know what they are doing, as M2 certainly seemed to with all three of these puppies.

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