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Castlevania fan art that you can drool over

October 24, 2014

When Castlevania took a step into the world of 3D, fans of past "MetroidVania" titles were anything but optimistic about it. Castlevania had always shined the brightest star in the realm of 2D side scrolling platform action, and the very thought of turning it into a 3D world would likely kill the series they thought.

I'm convinced by now that Lords of Shadow has at least proven some of them wrong. Then again you will always have your dedicated 2D crowd, and believe me there is nothing wrong with that.

But for those who are drinking the Lords of Shadow kool-aid, and loving every sip of it, there are some among them that have expressed so much love for the series, they have taken their sweet time to produced some of the finest artworks my eyes have ever laid upon.

Some ore most of these can be found at places like DeviantArt, a place where artists share their handy work which includes the realm of video games. Let's take a look a few samples of my personal favorites below. I think you will like them as much as I. Each involves Lord Dracula (Grabriel Belmont).

By the way, that top one had a bit of photo editing involved, using tools like photoshop. You probably knew that already. Then again, perhaps not.


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