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Castlevania music composer P.J. Tracy speaks out

October 19, 2014

Where do people get their inspiration when it comes to music? Some from movies, some from other composers. P.J. Tracy is a different story, as he gets a lot of his inspiration from video game music soundtracks. One in particular I wanted to point out, was the game music from one of the greatest Castlevania games of all time.

Super Castlevania 4 makes the grade with P.J., as he loves both the symphonic, jazzy, and piano type combination used in a game, one that is richly based on horror itself. Not something you find in your every day run of the mill game. When asked about it recently in an interview, Tracy responded with what was in his heart. 

"What’s your strongest memory of music in a video game that opened your mind to the possibility of composing in this space?"
"The third level of Castlevania IV on the Super Nintendo! You and I played that game together, and I remember thinking “Wow, that’s some really funky and interesting jazz…and it’s happening in a horror adventure game!”

The surreality of that moment stuck with me and made me intensely curious about the compositional possibilities of a medium that’s inherently about experimentation. I believe some of the best and most interesting music over the past 20 years has been video game music."

SC-4 was the first title in the series to land on the Super Nintendo. The only other SNES Castlevania to get released after that was Dracula-X (Vampire's Kiss), which was something of a makeshift title based loosely on Rondo of Blood for the PC-Engine CD system in Japan.

The soundtrack even to this day is still a contender, and well worth playing this game time and again. P.J. Tracy isn't the only one holding a candle in the air for this long time classic that will never die, let alone its awesome game music soundtrack.

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