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Castlevania Online carries on the Belmont tradition

October 9, 2014

An interesting find today. Apparently a site that is dedicated to both games made is taking things to a new realm of looks. It's called "Castlevania Online", and features a somewhat mixture of the best games in history. The 2D ones that is, which is what die hard fans crave the most these days.

From what I gather of the site, it looks like both characters, graphics, and music from hits like Symphony of the Night, Portrait of Ruin, Super Castlevania IV, Dawn of Sorrow, and perhaps even a dash of Order of Ecclesia is thrown in there.

Since the dawn of the series going to 3D, and looking like it could very well stay there for a long time, there is still a great hunger for the "MetroidVania" 2D games that the series has been known for out there. That being the case, and you might be one of them, this could be useful to you.

Thanks to "KoTai", which is a combination name of Konami and Taito, you could very well be able to whip your way through new levels and not worry about running out any time soon. Not a bad find at all.

Oh, and you'll also find some work done with Nemesis and Penguin Adventure.

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