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Castlevania remix game music with love from you the fans

February 14, 2015

You don't find out about cool stuff like this unless you do a little hunting around, otherwise not many folks will ever know about it. Let's shift the Internet balance a little bit with a few personal picks of mine when it comes to Castlevania game music remixes. Deep from the halls of the Castlevania Dungeon forums, comes a few fan favorites that simply need some more attention.

If you move in Castlevania circles much, then like me you have not only a deep appreciation for the artwork and creativity of the series, but the excellent music that comes along with it. Everything from the original hit that landed on the Nintendo 8-bit system long ago, up to the recent Lords of Shadow trilogy starring Gabriel Bemont a.k.a. Lord Dracula.

Castlevania soundtracks are nothing new, but as mainstream as they are, the fans need a dose of more attention for their efforts. So how about we take a look at a few floating around out there?


1.) The first track is Vampire Killer remix, from the original game and very first level. The one that somewhat started it all.


2.) A remix of "The Hear of Vlad (Joshua Morse) From the masterpiece Symphony of the Night.


3.) SOTN remix once again, this time in the form of Lost Painting, another fan favorite personal pick.

Do you have anything Castlevania related you would like to contribute? If you want to share your work with the rest of the world, simply leave your comment and website in the section below and I will review it in a timely manner for a possible post. Let your voice be heard!

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