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Castlevania soundtracks done the acapella way with Smooth McGroove

October 24, 2014

I just had to do a post about this, simply because it's just so darn cool and I wanted to share it with you as well. After messing around on YouTube for a bit, I stumbled upon a guy that enjoys doing acapella songs based on game soundtracks.

He does various performances, all by himself for music found throughout a number of games ranging from classic titles such as Sonic the Hedgehog, to slightly more recent games like Super Mario 64. The two I wanted to share with you just happen to be Bloody Tears, and Vampire Killer from the first two Castlevania games.

The style of music he is using is called "acapella" which is defined as music without the use of instrumentation, or within the style of church or chapel music. Really it's something you have just have to witness for yourself. The guys name is Smooth McGroove, and smooth is exactly what he is for doing these great songs.

He doesn't stop at Castlevania either, you can find other hit songs like Mute City from F-Zero, and even game music from Chrono Trigger, another great classic I've enjoyed in the past.

So check out the two below, then head to YouTube and hear some of his other acapella songs. Once in a while, you will even see his cat make an appearance as well. Who knows. He may have already done one of your personal favorite songs too.

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