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Chris Fulton shares some of his best Pyramid Head creations

October 29, 2014


Chris Fulton might be a name you've heard before, and if so then one thing you know he is a master at, is capturing the essence of the terror of the bad guys in famous movies and games. One game being Silent Hill of course. For you Silent Hill game fans, Pyramid Head is one bad guy you'll never forget, as how can anyone?

Fulton has created quite a number of Silent Hill fan art drawings for you to drool over. Some of them are very detailed and feature some quite gruesome stills. It doesn't stop with Pyramid Head, as Heather is also among the bunch.

There are even what looks like a few early concept drawings Chris did of them there, and it doesn't even stop there either. There are various other titles to gaze at, Alien, Predator, Lord of the Rings and even Spider Man and Star Wars are among the bunch.

There is too much to talk about in this one article, as there are a total of 8 pages worth of artwork Chris Fulton has done, and they have to be seen to be admired. Here is hoping he will continue to keep pumping out his fine artwork, as well as the Silent Hill fan art that you and I both enjoy whenever we get a chance.

You can find his homepage for all of his work here. It turns out that he is also a tattooist, so he even draws artistry like these on a persons body! Interesting. If you just want to go straight to one of the Pyramid Head art pages to check it out, then here is a direct link if you're short on time.

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