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Classic games that take after the Castlevania realm

October 27, 2014

The long time running Castlevania series is a realm that deserves its place in history of successful franchises. After almost 26 years of bringing us title after title of that Belmont whipping action, we thank our lucky stars for how long its been with us. Which brings me to another point.

A point that reveals how the series has seen a few copy cats that have been inspired from it and have literally followed in the same footsteps with the way they look and the way they feel. Let's take a look at three of them right now, as there could be one or two you've never played or never even heard of. Like the first one here.

Vampire: Master of Darkness

Some of you probably never even owned a Game Gear, but it was one great hand held. Not to mention it had the option for a TV tuner! Vampire: Master of Darkness takes after Castlevania in almost ever way you can think of. Both use the traditional stair climbing, striking candles, or in this case, spooky hockey mask looking figures. The main enemy is also Dracula. The only difference you can notice is the weapon, and the fact that the hero is a psychologist named Dr. Social.


Another classic that time forgot, and again you can see the similarities in 8 EYES with the stairs and level design. Only this time the game's setting takes place in an apocalyptic future, where the world is recovering from a nuclear war. The weapon of course isn't a whip, but a sword this time. The name "eight eyes" comes from eight gems that hold special power. The music is somewhat weird and not quite like you would expect. Published by Taxan, a subsidiary of Kaga Electronics and developed by Thinking Rabbit. Now that's a unique name.


Ark of Sinners

Moving into the future somewhat, we find Ark of Sinners, another Castlevania inspired title that was launched on multiple formats, including WiiWare a few years ago. This one looks like it takes some inspiration from Symphony of the Night, and blends it with a larger world setting. The Spanish based title that is actually the first of a total of three games.

Check out the video below and you'll get a better understanding how the game play mechanics involved. It does have some unique qualities within it, while borrowing some from you know what. Listen to the soundtrack while your watching, as it is quite a bit pleasant.

Other titles in these days have taken on a Castlevania feel to them. Such titles as Assassin's Creed and Hotel Transylvania for the Nintendo DS have borrowed elements as well. Although I do fancy originality, there's nothing completely wrong about the concept, unless you're just not using your imagination at all.

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