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Classic Konami arcade platform fighters that deserve a second look

May 14, 2016

This is how you know you're getting old, when you start calling some of your favorite games "classics". Where has the time gone? Well, the party may be over, but it will never be forgotten if those like me have anything to do with it. The arcade industry is certainly no exception to the rule. That's saying a lot considering what it's been through.

Right around 1991, the arcades were starting to disappear one by one. Why? Well, if you could play your favorite arcade games like Street Fighter 2 and Golden Axe at home rather than go to the arcade and sink a pocket full of quarters into a machine you didn't own, wouldn't you do it?

Consoles just kept getting more and more powerful, and arcades kept having to dish out more sophisticated machines to keep up. That meant arcade owners had to dig deeper into their wallets just to keep their businesses afloat. These days you do well to find a flourishing arcade to the likes you've seen so many years ago, but that doesn't mean those days are gone forever.

Thanks to Konami and several other companies seeing the light, there STILL is a market for classic game, and a place for classic gamers. Fighting platform games included. Among them there are some worthy mentions that should ring a bell for you pizza loving, Pepsi drinking, quarter sinking arcade junkies like me.

Crime Fighters

Crime Fighters is just that, as you take control of an undercover police officer hell bent on cleaning up the streets from thugs and gang members. Memories of those wicked 80s hair styles and rugged looks may come to mind, but then again that is usually the essence of these fighting platform games right?

Your mission is to rescue a group of kidnapped girls from a crime boss. Oh, how the 1980s was unique, with its cheesy and yet entertaining arcade flyers. Like the one above. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Vendetta (a.k.a. Crime Fighters 2)

And speaking of arcade there anything more to say than good old 80s? Well, only that some of the hair style and looks bled over into the 90s, when this game was released. I guess the feel didn't die off that fast, as with Vendetta you have four characters to choose from, with one looking like he's from the Jackson 5, another looking like Terry "Hulk Hogan", and yet another looking like Mr. T.

I guess you could say Konami was inspired in more ways than one. Here we go again with another girl who was kidnapped by a rival gang, and it's your job to get her back, and well.....kick everyone's ass in the process. Sounds like a Double Dragon plot right?

Violent Storm

You never get tired of looking at these awesome flyers do you? Neither do I. Oh, and with Violent Storm you actually get a different plot this time! What a lucky break. This little gem takes place in a "post apocalyptic world" during the final days of World War III.

Those that are left standing and want to rebuild their world must face those troublemakers who prey upon the weak and defenseless for their own cause. Get ready to rock your living room with this one, as it gets the highest marks for being one of the most memorable, and fun titles to date.

This also has to be what you may call a "Final Fight clone", because Capcom probably led the way for this genre, with Konami taking note and making one of their own arcade delights. Violent Storm is my personal favorite of the three, and has a killer game soundtrack to boot.

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