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College students at Penn State enjoy a game of DDR

October 24, 2014

DanceDanceRevolution has yet to die, and likely won't anytime soon. One college is making sure that it stays alive, by having their own DDR sessions every Thursday night from 8p.m. to midnight. Who are these students? Penn State University for one.

These students are not the only ones that take to the campus to keep up their DDR skills though, as this is somewhat of a trend happening around the nation. The thing that first started it was the United Health Care Act that enlisted the aid of Dance Dance Revolution ClassRoom Edition. These college students though make it a habit to get into the act in a dedicated way.

A DDR club? Yes, they have their own club for it, and some bring their own mats, while others simply want to show up and just have a good time. Keeping up their skills on the dance mat is a must if you want to be in the club. Even if you don't like to dance, just watching these young folks is a spectacle in the least. They meet in the Waring Commons along with other friends and students to try to build up their dance skills, mainly for their own, and not quite like a contest. After all this is a club.

Penn State University Source

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