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Contra memories from your childhood you will never forget

April 15, 2015

Picture this. A rainy Saturday morning, your watching the regular TV shows you usually catch when your off from school. Then your friend calls you on the phone and says "Hey!, you want to play some video games?" You respond by saying "Which ones?", as you have already beaten pretty much all the ones you have in your existing collection.

Your friend then says, "I have a new game called Contra, and it's a 2 player game and really awesome!" Sure you say, come on over and we'll spend the day playing it. Your friend drops by, and you pop that new sucker into your NES console, and then it happens. The title screen comes up in all of its glory, and you're like WOW, a 2 player shooter game.

So you two get into the mix of playing a few levels and you discover that it is a pretty difficult game to get through. After a while you both lose all of your men and have to start all over from the beginning. Sucks doesn't it? But never fear, your friend tells you "Don't worry, I found out a really cool secret code that will give us 30 men each!

Then we can finally get through the entire game without a problem" A secret code you ask? "Yeah, I found out about it in a game magazine I read where you enter a code that Konami made a part of the game for developers to use when they were beta testing, and they never took it out before they released it."

Such was the case from my childhood, and if you owned an 8-bit Nintendo console, Contra was likely one of the games you just had to own. Everyone also knew about the 30 man code, since it made it actually possible to get through the entire game without much hassle.

Don't you wish you could go back there again and relive those days? I sure do, but at least they left us with some fond memories, ones that will never, and should never be forgotten.

Arcade flyer

Since then the title has sparked many offspring, each trying new elements based on the last, finally ending with a remake title for the iOS and Android mobile formats. You can even get T-Shirts that portray your favorite shooter game! One fan even went so far as to turn his own NES console into a custom made Contra unit! Talk about dedication. The end result speaks for itself don't you think?

               The girlfriend you've always wanted?


Custom made Contra NES console. By Customenesguy

YouTube icon "Angry Video Game Nerd" weighs in on the classic Contra, and has a few memories of his own to share about the days gone by from his childhood. Those of you who have seen his videos also know him to be a bit of a reviewer of "bad games" mostly.

This is an exception of course, with the great run and gun shooter game being at the top of his love list as it is with mine. Keep in mind that he does drop the "F" bomb once or twice, so this might be NSFW for those of you in a sensitive situation, i.e. office cubical or whatnot.

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