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Cool poster shots fom the new Silent Hill Requiem movie

June 16, 2015

While fans of the new Silent Hill Requiem movie are high in ancitipation for this release, here is some cool artwork based on the movie. Production for the movie began back around spring of 2014, and has been in the editing process ever since.

The film director Gareth Morgan and I personally have been in constant contact about the movie, while the fans have been getting status reports on the film as well some inspirational art to boot to keep up the enthusiasm for it. The cast of characters for the film are below.

Olwen Davies as Heather Mason

Gareth Morgan as James Sunderland

Sam Swainsbury as Henry Townsend

Jade Butterfield as Maria

Demi Naylor as Cynthia Velasquez

Erica Eve as Xuchilbar

Stephen Brown as (???)

Apparently Stephen Brown is a secret character that will only be realized after watching the movie. The film will however be based on the first four Silent Hill games in the series, as you can see from the available cast of characters.

What started out as a desire to make a new Silent Hill film was also backed by a need to make it. The first box office film was half decent, but Revelations left many fans in the dust, and disappointed that the film didn't follow the series as it was supposed to.

At least Pyramid Head made an appearance, but that along with the famous nurses wasn't quite enough for some people.

So Requiem was born from a dream, and will later fall of this year be made into quite a reality. So while you're being patient, be sure to check out some cool art below, and then follow the links after to keep up with new updates for the film, as well as check out both the interview by me for Gareth Morgan, as well as the teaser 2 video for it.

Also show your support by sharing this and other links with friends and fans. Let's show Hollywood how a REAL Silent Hill movie is supposed to be made, for the fans, and by the fans.

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