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Custom modded consoles and the designs that make them great

November 24, 2015

After discussing this sort of thing in a previous post and getting some positive feedback from readers, I felt it was needed to show off some more attention to some of these great works of art. By that I mean custom modded consoles. Modded meaning that the patience and designs that went into making some of these great works of art are way too awesome to just ignore.

For me the Castlevania one does the trick, but rest assure the others are anything but short of spectacular. Fans of Konami games have a habit of speaking their minds when it comes to their favorite game series. Just recently I discovered a Facebook page for Castlevania fans that currently sits at over 6,000 members and growing. 

But there is also an equal platform for other games, some of which the fans have been begging for for some time now to see another game get released. While Konami is currently going through a transition period during their restructuring, the future seems uncertain for some titles, but you can make a difference with your voice being heard.

This is just another one of the ways fans do it, by showing off some of their precious handy work in the form of art. So take a look below and see which one tickles your fancy, and fire away in the comment section as to which on you like the most.

Castlevania - Dracula X (Vampire's Kiss) Super Nintendo


Silent Hill - Pyramid Head - Playstation 1


Metal Gear - NES


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - NES - Xbox360

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