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Dance vocal group Chotokkyu (Bullet Train) will be performing the song "Believe×Believe"

October 22, 2014

Dance vocal group Chotokkyu (Bullet Train) will be performing the song "Believe×Believe" (also Bili Bili) at the upcoming concert in Fukuoka. The OP song is for the new anime Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V series which takes off in Japan on Tokyo TV and associated affiliates on April 6th. Singer Ryouga will be taking the lead position in the center for their song, which will be launched this June as their 7th single title.

The band had originally formed in 2011 under the management of Stardust Promotion. The currently have 5 singles out, with a sixth which releases on March 26 this month.

I'm not sure how popular Japanese boy bands are around the world, but in Japan they seem to have a niche audience. Their biggest hit title so far is called "StarLight", which was a collaboration single released with Ultraman Ginga released as a unit "Ultara Chotokkyu" in July 2013.

You can check that song out below, as well as their new single "ikki!!!!!i!!". Are there enough exclamation points in that name? Well, never mind that, after having watched it myself, believe me when I say it is quite nice. Or should I say Believe Believe?

via Bullet Train 

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