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Death match between Resident Evil and Silent Hill

October 29, 2014

One thing I always enjoy is a good death match, as long as it's someone else getting killed, that is, in a video game. I'm not a psycho, heh. Some people have always wondered what would happen if the Resident Evil game series, encountered the Silent Hill game series. A battle between Hunk, and Pyramid Head?, not likely.

But then again, die hard fans might make sure it would, as they did with a fan based video death match where Hunk faces off against Pyramid Head. Believe it or not, this is pretty good stuff, it's almost on the level of movie quality film. Some others have made their own mock-ups and are wondering too what a showdown between these titan survival horror games would be like. I smell a movie.

It lasts for almost 7 minutes, and after having watched it myself, I must say I'm impressed with it, and the winner of the death match might just surprise you a bit. I won't spoil the surprise and will just let you find out the ending for yourself.

You will probably never see a real life box office movie of Resident Evil mixing itself with the world of the Silent Hill game series, but then again, with die hard fan made stuff like this video, we can dream can't we? Let me know what you think about it, and who you think should have won, and how the video would've gone if you didn't think it went the way it ought to.

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