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Demi Naylor will be playing Cynthia in Silent Hill Requiem

October 9, 2014

Her name is Demi Naylor, and she will be playing the role of Cynthia in the upcoming in development Silent Hill Requiem movie, directed by Gareth Morgan. As only a few of you might know, Requiem is a movie that features many elements from the game, something the fans have been asking for. This is especially true in the wake of "Revelations", which didn't do so hot at the box office.

Requiem intends to address that issue by giving the film much of the content the fans want to see, and will include the famous characters you've come to know, such as James Sunderland, and Heather Mason.

The project is just started production, but the excitement is building as more and more information is starting to come out. The role of Cynthia is just the beginning. So I invite you to come and join on Facebook, where you can keep up with what's going on with the movie, as well as get to know the director Gareth Morgan, who is the brains behind the project.

If you or anyone you know is a fan of the Silent Hill series, come along to see what's up, and give the page a "like" while your at it.

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