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Denitsa Petkova shows some of her Suikoden game art

October 9, 2014

Everyone loves to talk about their favorite game series. More so is the truth behind the Suikoden game series, one of which has shown so much passion as to demonstrate through her open game art design for it. Denitsa Petkova is her name, and playing Suikoden games is well.......her game. She was the winner of the Suikoden Day 2011/2012 competion, and has even caught the eyes of KonamiUK recently in a full on interview.

Denitsa talks about not only her love for the series, but also a few other choice subjects you'll want to dive into such as her passion for drawing and story writing. Petkova currently works in the field of illustration for mobile gaming. Her talents certainly should fit in their somewhere! Take a look at the full interview here as she discusses quite a bit more in the wake of Konami's interview.

Come along and join the fun, and while your at it, bring a friend along with you. The love for the series never stops for any of us, and will follow suit for many years to come. Also join us on the Revival Movement page, as there you will find the entire lot us. Almost 24,000 strong and counting. Won't you be one of them?

via KonamiUK

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