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Dracula's castle is for sale, and you won't believe how cheap it is

October 27, 2014

Transylvania might have a bad reputation, but to some people it's usually because they associate it with Dracula. But what about his castle?, how big is it and how much would it cost you if you decided to purchase it? Of course I'm talking about the fictional castle from Castlevania. I'm sure at least a few people out there have wondered about it at some point in time. Among them are some actual real estate experts from a site called Movoto.

Yes, you heard right, actual real estate people have taken the time to figure out the value of Dracula's castle. Sure, why not? They even took the time to figure out the cost of Princess Peace's castle from the Super Mario games, which was almost a BILLION dollars. But that's for another blog, so let's take a look at this one. You're fixing to be shocked to learn the price tag for the castle in Castlevania.

Are you surprised? I sure was when I found out. Less than 500 grand? How did that happen? At $31 dollars a square foot, buying a house is likely one of the easiest things to do in Transylvania. Check out the full listing map of the Castlevania castle using this link, then tell me what you think about it in the comment section below.

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