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Erotic photos of Kelly Jean posing as the sniper Quiet

October 24, 2014

Not too long ago, many a Metal Gear fan including myself were discussing the controversy around Hideo Kojima's desire to put "erotic" characters in games like The Phantom Pain. He explained his reasoning behind it and the role he wanted for the sniper character known as Quiet.

In in process, he also wanted to see some real life cosplay done for the same character, and well,....erotic is as erotic does. Kelly Jean is here name, and cosplay is her game. Believe me, as you can see this lady does it quite well. She is from the U.K. and has created these photos for a good reason, one that I highly support. Helping those with disabilities who want to play video games, but can't due to physical issues.

If you head on over to her personal site, you can see more images besides the one below. But before you go, make sure nobody is looking at you as there is also a "rear shot" of her there as well. Lovely thing isn't she? Ok, are you back with me?, good. Let me know if you plan to purchase a print of Kelly's work to support her cause, as all proceeds go to charity.

Kelly is also studying to be a health care professional, and is currently assisting a girl who likes games but can't play due to her disabilities. Lend a hand to those who have trouble with theirs, won't you?

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