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Evolution of the video game controllers and the changes they went through

July 5, 2016

This is another one of those videos that kind of make you feel old. Well,....I say that in a friendly sort of way if you grew up during the 1980s, and are still playing games even to this day. Nothing wrong with being in an older audience, especially when you refuse to give up your favorite past time right? Right.

Along with all the incredible changes during the 80s and 90s, (aside from the great video game crash of the early 80s) there was also a basic need for controllers to change when the console systems kept getting more and more powerful.

In the beginning, all we really needed was a joystick, and pretty much 1 button. But that soon changed with the advent of more interaction with games, and meant that gamers needed a way to cope with an ever changing game environment.

Graphics and sound were improving, games were ever more challenging, and controllers had to adapt if they wanted to get their share of an exploding market place filled with hungry game players.

But which controllers were good enough to make the grade with the games they controlled, and which were destined for the scrapyard as soon as they were opened brand new from the toy store? One person has solved that riddle, at least in a huge way by producing a video that shows the evolution of the video game controller, and the pros and cons that went along with a certain number of them.

Does he cover all of them......that would be a NO, so don't be surprised if he missed a few here and there, as I'm sure some of you reading this might bring your favorite up by the end of the video. Wondering why it wasn't listed. But for the most part he does go into pretty deep detail about a lot of them, and you might learn a thing or two as I did on how this device went from simple to almost a nightmare in some cases.

Perhaps we should long for a day when we control video games with our brain waves......but that might be a few years away.

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