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Exergaming titles like DDR have influence in exercise

October 9, 2014

Dance Dance Revolution was only the beginning, but it's by no means the end of the road to how useful it's become. Gaming has gotten a bad image in the past, one that seems to be stuck with the lazy act of sitting in a chair all day, eating junk food, while playing endless hours of something or another that just isn't good for your body. Many parents out there agree, and want their kids to get off their rear ends and take to getting some activity outside.

The need is crystal clear, and children's health and childhood obesity is something that has gotten out of control so bad, that's it's at an all time high according to many doctors and pediatricians. Fortunately help is on the way, and to many surprises it actually involves one of the very things that was blamed for the epidemic to start with. Games. Dance Dance Revolution for one.

Dr. Randy Trowbridge once saw a 12 year old who was dripping with sweat while playing the famous dance game, and he though to himself that he could get kids to want to exercise by making it fun for them. So he decided to do a nice set up of multiple games that involved making use of equipment designed to get kids to burn calories. A DDR setup being one of them.

TechXercise is the name, a concept that integrates physical fitness with video games. So far more than a dozen stations have been build by Trowbridge, and each user makes use of every one for about two minutes. The entire routine across all of them lasts for more than a half hour. Trowbridge plans to open his special gym soon, since most gyms won't accept someone unless they are at least 16 years of age.

His age limit will be only 8, and after about 25-50 people sign up, he will set a new standard in helping kids take the fight to their own health habits, which have become nothing short of a serious problem these days.

Take a look at the official page below for more information, and how Dr. Randy Trowbridge is helping make a difference in children's lives.

via TechXercisect


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