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Fall in love with Castlevania all over again, this time as a pachinko slot machine

September 3, 2015

-Warning, Sensitive Erotic Material-

Are you a gambling person? Odds are you might be or at least have dabbled in some type of betting or casino machine before. Konami is certainly no exception to the rule, as they have been in the casino slot for quite some time now. Yeah, some of you may not have known that, but it's true, and what happens when you take a video game company and mix it with gambling? At some point you will end up seeing a crossover of some type. Usually with a well known franchise.

It's already happened with multiple titles, such as Ganbare Goemon, Suikoden, Silent Hill, and with Castlevania? Sure you had Akumajou Dracula as an arcade machine, but a pachinko machine? Just when you think you've seen everything, someone always comes along and proves you wrong. Right? Have a dose of what happens when you mix erotic sexy images with violence. Does the Internet have enough of them yet?

No, don't ask me what's going on with that image of the woman above. Maybe it's better that way. Well, the fun doesn't stop there, as Konami has decided to give this Castlevania coin muncher a bit of an erotic twist. You see some skin thrown in there with those lovely types of females you've probably noticed in past titles. So nothing new there, just some extra eye candy to draw a bigger crowd. Japan is a big scene for pachinko games, and as this isn't the first time Konami has put one of their well known franchises in the casino business, I'm sure it won't be the last. Check out the video footage below for a smile.

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