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Familiar titles that made a transition to the mobile games market

May 27, 2015

Since the late 1990s, I think we can safely say that the top four flagship games that Konami puts a fair amount of focus on are Castlevania, Metal Gear, Silent Hill, and Pro Evolution Soccer. Also known as World Soccer Winning Eleven in Japan and South Korea.

While there are more of these on the store shelves than you and I have fingers and toes, the ever more increasing market share out there over the years has to be mobile games. You may not know it, but many gamers are abandoning the console scene in favor of mobile gaming.

Why? Probably due to our fast paced daily lives and the way we are constantly on the move these days. Taking a good game on the road has now become a necessity.

Remember the days before cell phones existed? Well, at least became mainstream and weren't only an affordable asset for rich folks that is. First came the digital display, then LED, then as processors became more powerful, games accompanied it as a natural fruit of technological development.

So did our addiction and dependency on the devices. Kids seem to be staring more at their iPhones and Android devices, along with popular hand held games rather than they would their parents. Something of a wedge being drawn between families these days, and something that is in dire need of a cure.

Well, throw another drug on the barbie, because even your favorite Konami games have managed to land on mobile or tablet devices in some form or another. Besides last year's release of Bomberman chains since Konami now owns the IPs to all Hudson Soft games, let's take a look at some of the best ones you may have missed a while back, and want to add to your mobile game collection this year.

Castlevania - Encore of the Night

Ahh, the first Castlevania game on the iPhone, and what a treat it is. It's a puzzle game based on Symphony of the Night? Who would have thought. Konami of course. All of your favorite characters are here of course, starting with Alucard, Richter, and even Death himself......Shaft.

Like with many puzzles, you match up the blocks in order to eliminate rows and win big points, while you can also share your accomplishments with friends on Facebook. This is one worth checking out if you haven't already.

Metal Gear Solid - Social Ops

If Metal Gear and Yu-Gi-Oh had an illegitimate child, then Social Ops might be it. Unlike your traditional Metal Gear games, this one is card based, somewhat like the Acid games were for the Playstation Portable (PSP) system.

Konami discontinued link up support for it in December 2013, but you can get this one for free at the Android download center. A great game to add to your collection, and some fans wish that it had been a part of the HD collection released a while back.

Silent Hill - Orphan

Taking place in an orphanage, Silent Hill Orphan is a first person perspective "point-and-click" type game that will have you conjuring up fond memories of those PC game days, ones that bring up titles like Shadowgate to mind. Released in 2007-2008, this is the debut release for the franchise on the portable game market, and was executed quite well for a survival horror game don't you think?

These days expect to see more console type graphics, but this is a must have for Silent Hill fans if you're looking for a good solid game to take on the road this weekend.

Contra Evolution

While fans haven't seen a residue of a new Contra game in years, this remake did manage to tide quite a few of them over until an announcement happens for one. Whenever that will be. Contra Evolution is quite simply a remake of the original 8-bit hit for the NES console back in the 1980s.

Having been developed for Chinese cellphones and Arcade beforehand, it also managed to land on iPhone, Android, and iPad devices respectively. Complete with optional in game purchases if desired. It was at one time, and still may be a free download for the Android.

Bomberman Chains

Bomb says the man with Bomberman Chains. The first time a new title has hit the mobile game market since the death of Hudson Soft, and after getting bought out by Konami who now owns all the IPs to their games. A lot of fans were hoping for a new game to be released, and so one did.

This time in the form of a puzzle game, and who would have thought Bomberman would make the grade in that department? Don't worry about the typical puzzle element, as there is plenty of bomb action to go around with this one. You can download this one for your iOS device now.

It seems that Konami is focusing more and more on the mobile game market, where a lot of game players are taking more of a look into. I should say not to worry, as they should put the needed attention toward other titles on other formats as well. While the Love Plus producers have gone, they have also assured Japanese gamers not to fret over that either.

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