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Famous game music soundtracks played on a guitar

May 15, 2015

Over the years, one of the side bonuses of having a great game, was also a great soundtrack. Hit titles like Contra, Castlevania, and even Policenauts are certainly no exception to the rule. How many times has the well known run and gun shooter been done and redone?

More than most people know, and the same holds true for the Belmont clan. With game music soundtracks getting increasingly popular, it's no wonder you have live bands performing only that around the world.

If you had the chance to witness "Video Games Live" in concert, then bless you because few get a chance to catch that event too often. They've been known to perform in places like Australia, England, and parts of the US recently, and some of their content includes soundtracks from Metal Gear, Castlevania, and a side order of Silent Hill every now and then.

But what about individual fans? Not enough attention is given to them, and that's where I usually come into play, as this is part of my forte in giving them a bigger audience in the process.

Three personal picks for this article include a few guitar renditions of famous games you've probably played. Among these are the above mentioned titles, and very well played I might add.

Take a look, or rather listen to these gems uploaded by die hard fans for their favorite games. As a fan of playing the guitar, these are some of my favorite, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I.

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