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Fan fiction for Suikoden from the minds of the most dedicated fans

November 19, 2015

Now that Suikoden Day has come to a close, it leaves behind some of the most beautiful and interesting cosplay, artwork, and other fan made items not to soon be forgotten. Along with it comes a dose of fan fiction, like this one from a friend of mine on Facebook named Zachary Essey.

Like so many other fans, Zachary is a huge fan of the series, and Suikoden is not just another run of the mill JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game), but one that has a long history dating back to the mid 1990s.

When Konami first introduced the first title on the original Playstation, many gamers were somewhat skeptic about it, and while it did manage to sell a considerable amount of copies, it's sequel which has to be the best one in the series didn't sell so well.

Not that it was bad, but in the wake of an upcoming Playstation 2, along with introduction to another Final Fantasy game, it failed to get the much deserved attention it so richly needed. 

That is about to change for the better. While Konami has already released the first three games on the Playstation Network, it gives the "new generation" gamers a chance to play the series that we had a chance to do so long ago. It isn't all about the latest technology and graphics, it's game play along with a rich and involving story line that makes the difference.

Of course, Suikoden has it by the bucket loads. So take a look at some excellent reading below for fan fiction from Zachary, and fire away with your comments on what you think of it below.

Suikoden Fan Fiction



My journey of my dreams ended when my journey of reality had begun. Ironically this was the day that the realm of magic had invaded my life. Imagine what it is like when half of the people in a room think highly of you for this and the other fear you because of what they think could happen. If you have thought about it, then you would probably understand that I like 26 others am a True Rune bearer.

I did not choose this life, it chose me. It occured around 4 years ago. I lived a carefree existence, so nothing phased me. I just was focused on being me and nothing else. I would roam the forests of Ryube and lay on the dirt, I would go for long walks with friends and have a drink and work in the family shop. Nothing felt like it could go truly wrong.

Sure life was not always that of a rose, but like a thorn it could play a hazardous role. I lost family and friends in my life and I never was the best student.

It wasn't everything I had wanted, but I felt like I was getting what I had needed. I had not felt insecure about the direction of my life and the significance of each decision until I made the ultimate choice. I was in the forest sitting down near the connecting bridge looking out at the amazing sight. It was the last time I would see it this way.

I heard a voice coming from the bottom. At first I shrugged it off as my imagination. There was noone around and even when I looked at the bottom there was no presence to be seen. It was when I stretched out to see even deeper, it was as though I was pulled down by a giant. I felt my limbs being pulled apart as I swiftly declined to the bottom. I thought I was going to meet my end and was losing consciousness.

You know that place where you are not awake, but not quite asleep? This was it. In a void of nothingness, I met her. She told me that I was special and that I had a destiny greater than what I could imagine. I at first was thrilled at this suggestion and was almost ready to accept her offer when she stopped me. She asked me to stretch out my left hand.

I asked why and she just responded with "You will see". I stretched out my left hand for her and she placed her hand on top. A power surged and I saw what had looked like the scales of neutrality. It just faded and she just said to me this power is not as it seems.

There will come a time when I will need it and that I was blessed and cursed by the nature of fortune. It is the Rune which governs the nature of fortune. Luck however was not what guided me to this but destiny and that someday I will have to decide which I choose on a greater scale and after saying this she showed me a vision of things to come, both beautiful and terrible.

I accepted, fearing that I would never know if I didn't take a leap of faith for once. I was lead to a room where on a wall was an image of what I had just seen engraved on it. It asked me what did I want in a commanding voice. I at first frightened had paused, but mustering up the remnants of my courage that had stood I replied I want to reach the greatest depths of my potential for whatever challenge I am meant to face.

The voice at first laughed and said "Is that truly all your mind can fathom? I can change the tides of fate, I can make families rejoice and grieve, I can be the difference between sickness and health, all things bend around my will yet you just want potential? What is it that your humanity does not grasp that potential is nothing compared to fate"?

I stood my ground and responded that whatever fate lay in waiting for me is whatever it shall be, however if I do not trust in my own being and merely rely on bending fate then I shall never be more, but only a shell of who I am. The voice had paused and then after a few seconds had responded with "So be it. I entrust to you my being, my essence and in return I expect to see this potential you claim that you can reach".

As if waking from a bad dream, I had awoken in the spot near the bridge with a sweat. I thought it was a crazy dream, but then I looked at my left hand feeling a burn and noticed the scales. It was no dream and I had really attained a True Rune. I sat in shock for a few minutes, knowing that I had a course ahead of me that was beyond so many others and was tempted to tell everyone right away.

Instead I informed my family that I would go on a trip to Muse with a lie that I would be out for a wedding of a dear friend. Instead when I got to Muse, I went to the Grand Library hoping to get answers. The librarian had pulled me up in what I was looking for when she found the mark. I had asked her does she know anything about it and she responded with she has heard about it, but there is one who knows more who can help me.

She told me to travel to North Window as there was significant runic history in that location. She paid a woodsman to escort me to coronet and she gave him finances to fund me a ride to travel to North Window. When I tried to pay her back she declined stating that a Rune does not just choose at random intervals, but there is always a reason when it decides to choose a bearer.

I had arrived at the North Window port noticing a vibrant population of many different races with adults and kids freely roaming. The woodsman took his leave going to the pub telling me go to the central area of North Window and I will see what I am looking for.

I headed off in that direction and saw two monuments of a Sword and a Shield. In front of them was a tablet with writing on it detailing a historical war that had occured in this region. It ended with the leader of the City-State ended up missing and noone knows his whereabouts, however it is assumed that the King of Highland had perished in the war.

Knowing that this Rune that is attached to my hand could herald a new age of hope did strike me as a positive thought however knowing that it could hurt my loved ones and potentially bring ruin and destruction to all had made me feel insecure and that I needed people who could help me to control it.

I stayed at the Inn at North Window gathering my thoughts as where to head off next as I prepared to sleep. I was just about to snooze until I had spotted a much older man meditating under a tree. He had looked as though he had travelled far and was exhausted however he was gathering strength from his surroundings and I felt a strange aura eminating from him with a power similar to that of my own.

I exited my room in a hurry and went straight to him asking for forgiveness for disturbing him. He was not mad, but rather passive and he said to me "I know why you are here. You felt our connection and know that fate brought us together. I am not like you however and have found my own path to attaining power.

I don't need to read your fortune though to know what you have got, but I can tell that your aura is unbalanced. You need training and you have come to the right person. I must warn you that we must begin immediately however and I know this sounds like a terrible thing now but you will understand. You must leave all personal attachments behind as you are going to begin a new life.

I have shared your vision through the power of the Runes and this is the only way". I had asked him his name and how does he know all of this, but he merely responded with "You can call me Piccolo and as for how do I know, you will come to understand as time goes by".

He knew too much for this to be mere chance and I knew as hard as this would be I must leave behind my old life. I wrote a letter asking for it to be delivered to my home explaining what had happened as I had begun to embrace my new self. Piccolos' training was intense as his first task for me was getting me to channel my aura and direct it into neutral flow so that it could become balanced.

This took me over a year to accomplish in itself and required intense meditation. It was only when I learnt to channel my emotion that my aura responded and synced.

My next lessons were on respecting my surroundings and gathering strength from all things and harmonising my Rune with my nature. This was a task that I could only accomplish by communicating with my Rune. I had to use my meditative stance to sync with the Rune talking to it, trying to understand it and respect its power and unite our goals so that instead of being a pure puppet; I could be the instrument of the Rune.

At first, this was difficult due to the strong determined nature and my lack of experience in the world. We would bicker and constantly fight, but it was when I had reached my darkest moments doubting myself and was I truly worthy of the Rune that it had understood that I had honest intentions. It spoke to me questioning did I want to continue knowing that I was suffering.

I replied saying that I remember a saying my mother always told me. It is easy to take 2 steps backwards when you have taken a step forward, but if you keep trying and take those extra steps forward, then nothing in life can stand in your way. I made it clear that this is my purpose and if it brings me pain, then I will gladly endure even if I suffer.

There is beauty even in darkness. It is then at that point that we had become one. We became a team and not two entities fighting for different interests.

Over the next few years Piccolo had taught me how to use my powers and understanding myself for when the time would come when I would need to use it. I had learnt how to use the power of the Rune such as bending the principles of destiny and fortune helping those who needed aid, bringing a positive flow to the balance.

It was then that I had understood that fate and fortune were not so different. In the grand scheme of things, there must always be balance but what my aim is to do is promote that balance and ensure that it never falls out of favour.

In returning to my opening statement, yes indeed I miss the simple life and knowing that what so many beings have such as marriage, children, regular lives and being able to enjoy these things are not as easy for me to obtain; I know that although there is sadness in my life, that as long as I can bring joy to those whom I can help then my purpose is clear.

I am a True Rune Bearer and my goal is to not be the bearer of bad or good news, but to be a symbol of justice, honesty and neutrality. I use what is my gift and my curse as a means to aid all beings of this world.

An excellent read, and if you have some material of your own you would like to share, add your comment below.

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