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Fans of Puma shoes will get a kick out of this pair

October 22, 2014

Do you like Puma shoes? If so and you are a fan of the Metal Gear Solid series then you're in luck, as both Konami and Puma have formed a deal to bring a pair of Metal Gear Solid shoes to life.

The shoes are arriving just in time before the launch of the new Ground Zeroes game, which takes off in less than a month on March 18th. Recently director Hideo Kojima tweeted about the deal, saying that he was a long time and loyal fan of Puma, going back about 10 years.

A number of similar products have been launched in the past thanks to MGS, items such as watches, jackets, Axe body spray, and even a duck clock. So how much is a pair of Metal Gear shoes worth?

The list price will be 20,000 yen, or around $195 to land you a pair. Currently they seem to only be available in Japan, but nonetheless if you want to drool over them, check out the photo below, and head to the Japan store where they are located. You can also see a jacket there based on MGS, with the Diamond Dogs logo on it.

via Twitter - Puma Store

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