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Fashion never looked so good with Metal Gear Solid Collection clothing and accessories

March 3, 2015

Recently Konami has announced a new line of clothing and accessories based on the hit Metal Gear game. Indeed, now you can add some spice into your gaming life with some cool new add ons for your body and road trips. A scout jacket for Metal Gear Solid collection is only the beginning, as Musterbrand offers a number of items MG related, everything from utility vests, scarfs, skullcap, to parachute and flight bags.

Even simple shirts are in the house if that's all you want to get your hands on for now. According to the license coordinator from Konami:

"At musterbrand, we are all fans of the game and the genre that it spawned, so it goes without saying that is now our mission to honour this franchise by providing the best clothing experience for the fans, while remaining true to the core ideas of the design of the game. Kojima Productions have an eye for detail and quality and for this reason, the synergy is fantastic and is reflected in the quality and design of the Collection."

There is also a YouTube video released that showcases some of the new fashion line from the series, just to get a better glimpse of what you can expect.

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