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Fashion takes a new role with this real life Solid Snake

October 29, 2014

Some people just want to play dress up, while some are a bit more serious about it. MG fans are no exception to the rule. I've seen some impressive Metal Gear cosplay action from some fans, but this one is by far the best I've ever seen.

After taking a close look at the photos below, you'll likely think the same. The top one has a dash of humor involved with it, and hats off to choice of clothing and material they chose to look as close to Solid Snake as they possibly could.

While the top one is very impressive, and also believable, the bottom one seems just a bit game like. It's almost as if the Fox Engine were involved or some sort of high end rendering and imaging tech was used. Or perhaps it's just some really decent makeup being used. Either way, they both deserve a first place prize in my book.

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