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Fate has given a fan of Alucard a second chance

October 24, 2014

Even though there is a "made for Internet" Castlevania movie floating around on YouTube, it still left some gaps in the story line. Not that I'm bashing it one bit, as it was great for the budget and time constraints. But what about the story line behind the famous character Alucard? His is a story that started way back in the days of Castlevania 3, Dracula's Curse.

One of the best NES based titles of all time. Since then his story in Symphony of the Night only raised his popularity to even new heights. So what about a movie involving him, and only him? In Lords of Shadow 2 he makes a worthwhile appearance, but the main spotlight in LOS is shining on Gabriel Belmont most of the time.

One person on Twitter took the time to make a cover of what Alucard would appear like if he were to have his own live action movie. For that I say thank you for another fine piece of work Nero Howl. This cover was done as if there were a live action of Mirror of Fate and Lords of Shadow 2. Who knows, maybe Hollywood might actually see LOS for the great story line that it is and give it a shot a the big screen. Here is hoping, if not dreaming. Thanks Nero!

 An edition i made,if Alucard were in a Live Action movie of Mirror of Fate/LoS2 

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