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Fidelis Tan gives video game storylines a big boost

October 9, 2014

They do indeed. The pen to paper efforts within video game studios doesn't just end there, as you would be surprised to see what kind of material springs from the crop of the seeds that the game fans have planted. Such is the case with yet another interview, this time with fan fiction writer Fidelis Tan, a young 26 year old lady from the Philippines who writes scripts for corporate videos during the day.

The rest of the time, you guessed it......she does work involving comics, fan ramblings, and last but not least, fan fiction for Suikoden! Fidelis is also the fan fiction competition winner for Suikoden Day 2012 and 2013. Seems like her talent was proven twice in a row.

Just like with the last interview, KonamiUK sits down and gets a full on interview discussion with Tan about herself, as well as her discussions with the Suikoden series. She started playing part 2 at age 12, so she certainly had an early start to boot. As before, it makes for some good reading, and you'll also get to know yet another fan on a personal basis. The more the merrier I say.

As always, you are also invited to the Suikoden Revival Movement to show your support. We just broke the 24,000 Like barrier. So lend a hand or two and add yours to it with a "like and share" to your friends as well. We look forward to seeing the series put on other formats like PSN and Xbox Live, not to mention the possibility of seeing a Suikoden 6 game go into production. I'll see you on Facebook!

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